Healthy Food Choices and Why They Are Needed For Your Smile

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If you wish to improve your oral health, good oral hygiene and daily cleaning habits are critical for making sure your mouth is always clean and clear of harmful debris. However,another solution is to eat the right products and make sure your diet is not only healthy for your body but is also good for your mouth and teeth. Listed below are health food choices, oral health care diet suggestions, and tips to protect your tooth enamel:

– Seek out foods with a high water content. Crunchy and watery foods including pears and apples are perfect for washing away food residue and harmful acids, as well as to facilitate the production of saliva.
– Foods with high acidity can damage your enamel, so be sure to eat them with meals to minimize their effects. This includes foods such as citrus fruits and tomatoes.
– Stay away from simple sugars and carbohydrates. Plaque buildup and bacteria in our mouths can transform these ingredients into harmful acids that can cause loss of tooth enamel. Even foods with natural sugar such as honey can be hazardous to your teeth.
– Do not eat foods in between meals.
– Saliva can counteract acids in our mouth, so try chewing sugarless gum after meals, which has been proven to stimulate saliva production and aid in the prevention of cavities.
– Various ingredients in foods can remineralize your teeth for healthier and stronger tooth enamel, including calcium and phosphorous found in foods such as chicken, cheese, nuts, and milk.

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