The Basics of Biological Dentistry

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Biological dentistry is an approach to dentistry that doesn’t function as a dental specialty as branches such as orthodontics and periodontology do. Rather, it’s a focus on dentistry as a whole that provides a mindful approach to treating the complex relationship between the mouth the body. Biological dentistry is devoted to finding the safest dental treatments that will impact your long-term general health as little as possible.

Dr. David S. Peterson and our team recognize that every dental treatment we provide has an affect on other areas of your body, and take this important fact into account when providing dental treatment. We resolve to treat dental problems with solutions that work in harmony with the body to ensure your overall wellbeing remains balanced.

A significant challenge of biological dentistry is selecting dental materials that can effectively restore the appearance and function of your teeth as well as reduce pathogen levels and other general health threats.

A good example is amalgam dental fillings, which are full of mercury and regularly release mercury vapors into your smile that can affect your health. We are pleased to provide mercury-free dental fillings that also don’t contain harmful BPA plastics. Dr. Peterson can also safely remove any mercury fillings you received in the past and place much safer composite dental fillings if you wish.

At The Dental Studio, we want to help you enjoy a mouth and body that are truly healthy for life. Together, we can begin that journey today if you contact our office at 801-278-4787 and schedule an initial appointment with our skilled and friendly dentist in Sandy, Utah, today!