At The Dental Studio, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest-quality of care possible. To do this, we have been proudly using the i-CAT® 3D imaging system since 2009. This system uses cone beam technology to take hundreds of images and create a 3D digital replica of a patient’s face and jaw. With this technology, Dr. David S. Peterson can more accurately and efficiently plan and execute complex procedures, particularly dental implants and oral surgery. To learn more about how using i-CAT 3D imaging in Salt Lake City, Utah, can improve your oral care, we welcome you to contact us at 801-758-0985 and schedule your visit with our dentist.

When it comes to dental implants and oral surgery, it is essential that our dentist has an accurate view of your teeth and underlying bone structure to ensure that your treatment is successful. The i-CAT® 3D imaging system is a type of X-ray that uses cone beams to take hundreds of images and compile them into a 3D digital replica of your face. This 3D image includes all of the various mechanisms that make up your facial structure, including your jawbone, tissues, and nerves. In addition to providing a highly detailed and accurate image of your facial structure, the i-CAT imaging system provides the ability to:

  • Evaluate the quality and density of your jawbone to determine proper placement for dental implants, as well as the size and type of implant that best fits your mouth
  • Locate facial nerves, so as to avoid them during procedures
  • Identify and diagnose harmful tumors, disease, or lesions in earl stages, thus providing early treatment and increasing your changes of minimal damage
  • Identify the specific location and angle to place dental implants, increasing the likelihood that your treatment is more successful
  • Quickly, accurately, and efficiently plan treatments from start to finish
  • View tooth orientation and impacted teeth
  • Magnify and zoom in on specific areas of the face and jaw to more accurately and thoroughly evaluate your oral health

The i-CAT 3D imaging system is one of the most effective ways for our dentist to access a detailed view of your mouth and skull. Not only that, but this imaging system provides greater comfort, convenience, and safety for our patients. The entire imaging process takes less than 30 seconds as you simply sit in a comfortable seat and watch the camera rotate around your head. Because of the short amount of time, the i-CAT 3D imaging system also exposes patients to far less radiation than traditional X-rays.

By implementing this imaging system into our treatments, our dentist can reduce both the cost and time of your treatment, as well as improve the quality of your end results. To learn more about our i-CAT 3D imaging system, we welcome you to call or visit our practice today.