Beware Complications From an Untreated Dental Fracture

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Tooth enamel can sometimes be chipped or fractured by bad oral habits like chewing on desktop items and crunching on ice. Individuals who use their teeth as tools or grind their teeth while sleeping are also at heightened risk of suffering a fractured tooth.

Even if you aren’t experiencing significant pain or sensitivity, you should still have the compromised tooth examined as soon as possible by a dentist like Dr. David S. Peterson. Without treatment in a reasonable amount of time the fractured tooth could be at risk of severe complications.

This could include bacterial deposits that foster a new area of tooth decay as well as compromised structural integrity that causes a more severe dental fracture. These complications could lead to the total loss of the tooth in the future.

The severity and location of the damaged tooth enamel will influence the treatment plan put forth by Dr. Peterson and his team.

Minor dental fractures and small areas of chipped tooth enamel can sometimes be treated by applying an amalgam or composite dental filling. If the damage affects the tooth’s biting surface he might advocate installing an inlay or onlay filling.

A patient with a more significant dental fracture might require a dental crown restoration. If the internal structures of the tooth have also been traumatized Dr. Peterson might need to perform a root canal before he can install the dental crown.

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