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A straighter smile is a healthier smile! Not only can orthodontic treatment make your smile easier to care for, but with the expert eye of our experienced dentist, it can also be used to improve breathing and jaw health, emphasize your smile’s natural beauty, and encourage overall, whole-body health. At The Dental Studio, Dr. David S. Peterson can comfortably and discreetly straighten your teeth with Invisalign® clear aligners. We look forward to giving you a healthier smile with Invisalign in Sandy, Utah. Call 801-278-4787 or visit our office today to make an appointment.

Experience Makes a Difference

Dr. Peterson is an early adopter of cutting-edge dental techniques and has been working with Invisalign for over two decades, giving him an advanced understanding of how to make clear aligners work for each of our patients. It is a product we love, and Dr. Peterson puts his additional training in orthodontics and airway dentistry to use, ensuring each set of aligners not only straightens your smile, but does so without compromising your airway or negatively effecting the function of your jaw. Not all clear aligner systems are the same, and not all dentists have the experience or know-how to make sure your orthodontic treatment keeps your whole-body health in mind when designing your aligners. We are confident in the ability of our dentist and team to harness the best technology for a minimally invasive treatment and excellent results.

Hear about our past patient’s experience with Invisalign treatment.

What Is Airway-Conscious Orthodontics?

Also known as integrative orthodontics or airway-focused orthodontics, airway-conscious orthodontics means looking at the way your teeth alignment effects your overall health. A misaligned smile is often the result of deeper issues in jaw or facial development, and we keep your unique facial structure in mind when designing your orthodontic treatment to ensure your end results are sustainable. In some cases, Invisalign can even be used to expand a narrow palate and address some of the breathing problems associated with the condition, such as obstructive sleep apnea. In some cases, Dr. Peterson has found that Invisalign clear aligners can expand a patient’s airway up to 8mm.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign clear aligner system works much like braces, gently shifting each tooth into its proper position, but unlike braces, they are completely removable and transparent. This makes them an excellent choice for teens and working adults alike, allowing them to improve their smile without interrupting their lifestyle. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a system of custom-made, computer-generated plastic aligners that are typically changed out every two weeks. Throughout treatment, our dentist will meet with you regularly to monitor the progress of your smile and ensure everything is going smoothly.

Unlike other clear aligners, Invisalign may also use “buttons” made of composite resin material, also known as Invisalign attachments, to anchor the aligners and provide more effective treatment. While not all Invisalign treatments will require buttons, our dentist may recommend them for patients with more complex cases, allowing us to address nearly all of the same orthodontic issues that may otherwise require conventional braces, such as:

  • Overcrowding
  • Crooked or slanted teeth
  • Large gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Malocclusion and other bite issues, such as an overbite, open bite, underbite or crossbite

When you visit our office for orthodontic treatment, our dentist will start by thoroughly examining your smile, discussing your smile goals with you and making personalized recommendations for which orthodontic treatment is best for your overall health and wellness. While we may recommend traditional braces for some patients, we find most cases can be treated with this comfortable and convenient alternative.

We invite you to call or visit our office today to learn more about Invisalign clear aligners in Sandy and schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Peterson. We look forward to making you smile!

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