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In the past, root canal treatment has gotten a bad rap. While it may have been considered painful in the past, advances in dental technology and training have made it possible to perform root canal therapy with little to no pain at all. Without the attention it needs, an infected tooth will likely need to be extracted. If you have an infected root canal in Sandy, Utah, our dentist can remove the infection and restore full comfort and function to your smile. Please call 801-278-4787 today if you are experiencing dental pain.

At The Dental Studio, Dr. David S. Peterson uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your root canal treatment is as comfortable, efficient and convenient as possible. If you have an infected tooth or tooth pain, a visit to our office will likely include:

  1. i-CAT® Scan: First, we need to determine whether the source of your dental discomfort is actually an infected tooth. In some cases, a patient that has been recommended root canal treatment is really suffering from an unrelated dental issue. We use the i-CAT 3D imaging system to make accurate diagnoses and ensure you are getting the most minimally invasive treatment we can offer.
  2. Fotona Laser: Using a high-end dental laser to complete your procedure allows us to remove the decayed portion of your tooth as precisely, comfortably and quickly as possible. It also cuts down on your recovery time after treatment.
  3. GentleWave® Root Canal Technology: The GentleWave procedure is a minimally invasive root canal treatment technique that centers patient comfort and saves as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Using these techniques also cuts down on the likelihood that you will need retreatment in the future.
  4. Ozone Therapy: Ozone therapy not only speeds up the natural healing process after treatment, it can also help remineralize weakened enamel.

What To Expect From My Root Canal Treatment