Chronic Bad Breath Could Be a Symptom of Another Oral Health Problem

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Acute bad breath caused by consuming pungent foods and beverages can often be resolved by brushing and flossing your teeth. However, chronic bad breath can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious oral health condition that might require professional treatment.

If you’ve been struggling to identify the source of your chronic bad breath problems, you should consider scheduling a checkup at Dr. David S. Peterson’s dental office in Sandy, Utah.

Chronic bad breath can sometimes be linked to a dry mouth condition. This could be a side effect of a prescription medication. Dehydration issues from regular alcohol consumption or tobacco use can also be a contributing factor. In any of these cases, you might want to talk to your primary physician to help find an acceptable solution.

It’s also worth noting that certain medical conditions also cause bad breath as a symptom. This could be linked to certain kidney or liver conditions. People with diabetes frequently have bad breath with a mild sweet odor.

It’s also worth noting that chronic bad breath can be related to undiagnosed oral or pharyngeal cancer, as well as untreated gum disease.

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