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When you come into The Dental Studio, Dr. David S. Peterson will take care of making sure your dental health is on track. Each appointment we schedule includes a baby bottle tooth decay visit, so you can rest assured knowing that your child’s teeth are in the best shape possible.

To diagnose whether your child has baby bottle tooth decay, your dentist will administer the standard checkup procedures for children during your child’s next checkup. If they detect any spotting on the chompers, tender or red gums or additional signs of tooth breakdown, they will speak with you about baby bottle tooth decay and the processing choices that you should deliberate on for addressing the disorder’s impact.

Like oral decay in adults, tooth erosion in children has lots of negative effects. By chomping away at the defensive layers of the chompers, bacterial acids make cavities and heighten the sensitivity of teeth to heat. Surplus oral bacteria can also cause infection and inflammation of the gums that leads to gum disease and eventual bone loss and tooth loss.

We hope you’ve scheduled your twice-yearly checkups to Dr. David S. Peterson‘s office, but if you haven’t, please call the Sandy, Utah, The Dental Studio office now at 801-278-4787 and schedule your next visit. The staff will do everything in their power to assist you.