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Do you ever think about your child’s thumb sucking habit? Do you ever wonder if there is something that you can do to help your kids stop sucking their thumbs? Similarly, do you ever ask yourself if you should make your child stop sucking their thumbs?

Would it surprise you to learn many kids will start sucking their thumbs habitually by the time they are a year old? While some worry that thumbsucking is dangerous to the health of your child’s mouth, would you be surprised to hear that sucking your thumb is actually considered harmless until your little one is about four years old. Aside from being embarrassing, if you child sucks their thumb after they’re four, they could be affecting how their teeth come in. Thumbsucking after four can also affect the development of the roof of your child’s mouth.

There are several solutions you can consider to help your little one stop sucking their thumbs—but please be aware that these efforts can actually make some children want to suck their thumb even more. Yet, if you would like to help your child stop, you could try putting sour or bitter liquids on their thumbs. If this deterrent doesn’t work for your child, our team may also be able to give you individualized advice.

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