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In order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, it’s important to have a healthy smile, which comes from cleaning your mouth every day. If you aren’t already, we urge you to floss on a daily basis with a proper cleaning tool in order to clear away plaque from spaces your toothbrush is too bulky for. We would be happy to help you develop proper flossing habits by sharing strategies for flossing tools.

While your toothbrush is a great start to a healthy smile, it can’t achieve a sufficient clean on its own because it is too big to clean the tiny spaces around your teeth and gums. Your smile requires a proper flossing tool to prevent the buildup of plaque along the gum line and between the teeth. By addressing these areas every day, you can prevent the development of gum inflammation and subsequent threat of gum disease, which is a harmful gum infection. If plaque in your smile leads to gum disease, you could experience a variety of other oral health conditions as well, including ongoing bad breath, loss of teeth and infection in the underlying bone that keeps the teeth rooted.

Many patients struggle to properly use traditional dental floss, and while this is common, it can risk the health of your smile if you don’t use a sufficient alternative in its place. Instead of a string of waxed floss, you may find that a floss pick or water flosser is more comfortable. Water flossing is a tool that uses a jet of water to clean your smile and dislodge food and plaque particles as traditional floss does. However, water flossers offer different types of attachments so that you can adjust the pressure to match your comfort and needs.

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